• Information session regarding the services I offer and the benefits of mediation.
  • Divorce mediation and divorce settlement agreement.
  • Mediation regarding the future of children after divorce and compiling a Parenting Plan.
  • Referral for Voice of the Child is required by the courts.
  • Revisiting Parenting Plans as needs change. 
  • Mediating conflict in marriages for couples who wish to stay within the marriage. 
  • Guidance on which information/forms are required to complete applications for Divorce which include Parenting Plans and which courts to go to. 
  • Pro-bono work - 3 to 5 hours per month.


  • R800 per hour
  • R300 per hour for Administration

About Mediation

The mediator remains totally impartial and does not represent any/either party, but assists parties to reach a settlement without making decisions for them. Mediation is a method preferred by Courts (Brownlee v Brownlee). The process takes 2 - 3 weeks and therefore the collateral costs on both parents and children is much smaller.